Hue Hello (For Philips Hue Lights)

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Description of Hue Hello (For Philips Hue Lights)

This app is one of the most appreciated and features rich app for Philips Hue lights.
A quick summary of features:
, Control complete
with one button
- Hue
- Control lights out of home with Philips account
- Smart Notification with 7 day trial
- Android watch (wear 2.0) support: Control hue lights with a watch
This hue app comes with few preset of scenes to enrich your lights experience like a Hue pro. Yes, you can create custom scene.
scenes for your lovely home
scene color palette, the ultimate level customisation
lights and get fresh ambiance everytime
- Set
in one group
- Set the
: Unlimited possibilities in your rooms with scene effects
- Custom Light Show
One tap features -
for Android 7 and above, Control lights without opening up app
- Create
inside app and use your app like hue remote control
for hue lights, No need to open app
- Automate your life with lights
- Set alarm or timer and let your lights remind you, example: Cooking, Wake up, Seeping, Shower
- Hue Dimmer switch with multi rooms and long tap support
- Hue motion sensor with multi rooms support
- Tasker (Automation with Philips hue)
- Gallery (Photos and Scenes)
- Meditate
- Config (Manage Hue Bridge)
- Scary (Light effects with sound)
• Philips Hue bridge (V1 and V2 both are supported)
• Philips Hue lights
• Wi-Fi network
• Android 5.0+
• English, Dutch, French and German
• More languages coming soon, contact us for any question
In case of any suggestions or technical problems, kindly email us at instead of a bad rating. Ratings with 1 star without any reason or comment do not help to improve the app. We take our users very seriously.
The text below is to improve search. You can stop reading here. Install app and experience yourself.
It is an easy app for hue lights ,
to setup and
to respond. Our goal is to help you enjoy Philips hue lighting system without any efforts and become number one among hue light apps. We want to be an essential part of your hue family.
You can create a
and control with one tap. It offers you all hygiene features like the light on/off, setting the
, setting the scene light, changing the color of light, grouping lights,
, creating shortcuts and
will offer you a new way of using your lights. You can play animated scene with music and enjoy Hue and Disco party at home.
There are many Phillips hue light app in the market, try HueHello and you will like the best app for hue. We hope this app will become essential hue app in your phone and you can control your lights as a hue pro.
Hope you will enjoy this app and make more from your

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APK Version 1.27
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Developer Team Hue Hello
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